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Risk management

Basic information service

The basic information service is ideal for corporations operating at a low residual level of threat.

We ensure our clients have peace-of-mind by:

  • Maintaining a discreet watch on groups that may present a risk to a corporation's reputation or safety;
  • Allowing clients to manage their physical risk effectively;
  • Providing a low-cost response commensurate with a current threat;
  • Supplying clients with weekly, industry-specific reports;
  • Publishing up-to-date future intelligence on our bulletin board.

Intelligence gathering services

Aimed at clients at a more serious level of threat from activism. Global Open provide:

  • Forward-looking intelligence;
  • An assessment of future events with the potential for conflict;
  • A 24-hour warning service indicating, wherever possible, if a company is about to be targeted;
  • Notification of high-risk dates;
  • Immediate circulation of new activist tactics;
  • A daily summary of events as required;
  • Circulation of the movement of activist groups;
  • Telephone and email access to our analysts in order to answer your questions.
  • Graphs and push-pin maps of the current threat in any country or region.

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Other intelligence gathering services

Companies currently being targeted by activists require fast access to information in order to avoid the effects of economic sabotage and personal harassment.

Where necessary, Global Open will:

  • Discuss the level of intelligence gathering required by the client and act within those instructions;
  • Advise whether the requirement is considered to be proportionate to the risk.

Companies engaged in project security who are concerned about the threat from activism should arrange an appointment to discuss their requirements.

Strategic assessment

Until they are targeted, risk managers engaged in business continuity planning often exclude the risk from activism connected with, for example:

  • Animal rights;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Anti-corporatism;
  • Anti-globalisation.

Activists claim that peaceful protest is ineffective. They know that a company is unlikely to change its core business because of the presence of demonstrators. Consequently, activism now extends to the suppliers and service providers of the main target company.

Global Open can make a strategic assessment so a company may see where it lies in the scale of a particular campaign and make an appropriate response.

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